Watch whales and dolphins from the living room

A resident pod of dolphins can easily be viewed from the house all year round, sometimes surfing the waves directly in front. Almost all of our guests report having seen them. 

If you stay during their migration seasons, you might see whales too.

Each year most of the large whales in the southern hemisphere follow a general migration pattern. Summer is spent in the cold waters of Antarctica. In autumn, as the temperature in Antarctica falls and ice begins to form on the sea surface, the whales begin their northward migration to more temperate waters to give birth and to mate before returning to Antarctic waters at the end of spring.

Watch out for a spout of water shooting up from the ocean in roughly the middle distance. That's how you know they are out there. Shortly after that, you'll see the whales breech. They often travel in pods like dolphins so keep watching, you might also see baby whales.

There are a couple of pairs of binoculars in the drawers in the foyer so you can get a closer look.