Pavilions House on the Beach: Optional Linen Service


We offer a linen service to guests at at all three rentals.

The following linen and bedding is always supplied as standard: Doonas, doona covers, pillows, pillow protectors and mattress protectors, bath mats, hand towels, paper napkins and tea towels.

If you'd prefer to bring your own bath towels, face washers, sheets and pillowcases you will NOT require the linen service. You might need to bring sheets for the following bed sizes: 1 King bed, 1 Queen bed, 1 Double bed, 7 single beds. Don't forget bath towels and beach towels.


To order the linen service, don't forget to add it on when making your booking. When you order the linen service, beds will be made up in time for your arrival with white cotton sheets and pillowcases. Two towels per person are provided for the occupants of the King, Queen and double beds. One towel per person is provided for the bunk beds. (You will need to bring your own beach towels.)

The fee for the service is $10.00 per person.


At any one stay, guest numbers range anywhere between 2 and 15. 

Some people prefer to save the money and bring their own linen and that option wouldn't be available if the linen fee was included in the tariff as an extra per person charge.


We only charge you exactly what we are charged to provide the linen service. It is provided for your convenience.