Don't leave the hound at home....

There is a large, fully fenced garden for your family dog with plenty of space for him or her to run around and explore and shady places to lie around.

The garden is fully fenced on the beach side of the property so, with the floor to ceiling doors open, your dog can interact with the family from the lawn or wander in and out of the house as he or she pleases.

Culburra Beach is one of the NSW South Coast's few dog-friendly beaches, so you can take him or her down to explore the beach or take a swim.

Don't forget to apply tick medication before you leave home as at certain times of the year ticks inhabit the foreshore bushes and they can be deadly to dogs. (Tick medication however, fully addresses this hazard.) Please note: Some brands of tick medication requires application more than 24 hours before swimming.

There are dog bowls at the house, and a couple of cans of dog food in case you forget to pack his or her food.

If your dog has his or her own bed, please bring it with you. We'd rather that than risk the transfer of fleas etc.

Your dog is most welcome in the house but please not up on the furniture.


In case of an emergency, or if you've arrived without having applied tick medication, you'll need to visit the local vet. (The Culburra Beach supermarket doesn't stock tick medication.)

Culburra Veterinary Clinic

Address: 7 Weston St, Culburra Beach NSW 2540

Tel: (02) 4447 3851

Or visit:


If the vet is closed, you might need to drive to Nowra to purchase tick medication from Petbarn. check the opening hours on the website below.

Petbarn Nowra

Address: 104 Worrigee St, Nowra

Tel: (02) 9146 1164

Or visit: